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          Weinan Huifeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Sodium bromide

          Sodium bromide

          Alias: Sodium bromide [JAN]; Bromide salt of sodium; Bromnatrium; Bromnatrium [German]; Caswell No. 750A; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 013907; HSDB 5039; NSC 77384; Sedoneural; Trisodium tribromide; UNII-LC1V549NOM; Sodium bromide (NaBr) 
          Molecular formula: NaBr 
          Molecular weight: 102.89 
          CAS #: 7647-15-6
          Properties: white crystal particle or powder; soluble in water;
          To use: for manufacturing of photographic film , as diuretic,sedative; as brominating agent, in organic synthesis aspect
          Packaging: 25kg woven bag lined with plastic bag