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Shalomir Siberians :: About Shalomir Siberians
Saturday, 01 August 2015
About Shalomir Siberians
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The Siberian Forest Cat is a large, strong cat which takes 5 years to mature. The females may weigh
less than the males.  They are extremely agile and seem to like high places.  Their muscles are mighty,
giving them a powerfulness you may not find in other cats.  The back is long and very slightly curved or arched,
but appears horizontal when in motion. Convex muscular waist and round, compact belly develops with age.  
The paws are round, big and quite powerful. The overall appearance is one of great strength, force and size
with an excellent physical condition and alertness. The facial expression is quite sweet.  The general
impression is one of roundness and circles.  The head is a modified wedge of medium size with rounded contours, 
broader at the skull and narrowing slightly to a full rounded muzzle with well rounded chin.  There may be a slight
muzzle curvature. This is a moderately long to long-haired cat, with a ruff evident in cooler weather.  There is a 
tight undercoat, thicker in cold weather. Oil in the coat gives it the feel of rabbit fur.  

Most people who exhibit allergies to other cats, have little or no reaction to the Siberian.

Siberians are loyal and friendly and make great companions.  Their personalities are often referred to as dog-like
and do in fact exhibit protective qualities.  Siberians are not an extremely vocal breed, they express themselves with
soft chirping. The Siberian comes in about every color, but because of the rarity of the breed, those colors may not always be available.
Here at Shalomir Siberians we have brown tabby, brown torty, smoke, Red-silver tabby, blue silver tortie, black, and color points.
Our color points have beautiful blue eyes and a beauty that surpasses even the Siamese. Yet their personalities aren't anything like the Siamese.

Owning a cat can be very pleasurable, but owning a Siberian cat is a very rewarding, life changing experience.  The Siberian will become
your best friend, confidant, problem solver, and house clown. Its like having an adventure in a foreign land, never knowing what lies around the
next bend, and thoroughly enjoying each aspect of it.